Alex Chiulli Presents Trademark Workshop to Hope & Main

May 30, 2017

C. Alexander Chiulli co-presented a workshop on trademark considerations in the food industry to Hope & Main on May 30, 2017. Alex and Sumana Chintapalli, CLF Rhode Island’s Legal Food Hub coordinator, provided insight into the importance of trademarks for food businesses, and how to select a trademark that will serve a business well and prevent legal issues down the line.

Hope & Main helps local entrepreneurs jump-start early-stage food companies and food related businesses by providing low cost, low risk access to shared-use commercial kitchens and other industry-specific technical resources. They seek to grow the local food economy by creating a community of support for food entrepreneurs and cultivating an environment where emerging culinary startups can test, create, scale and thrive.The Hope & Maine nonprofit incubator program supports dozens of food-related companies, including specialty food product makers, artisanal bakers, caterers, food trucks, farmers, personal chefs and nutritionists.