Massachusetts Child Custody

All too often adults lose sight of the magnitude of the loss children feel when their parents separate. Staying in an unhealthy or unhappy marital relationship is not necessarily any better for young children. But parents, in their own emotional unrest, often fail to realize that their children are suffering as well.

Divorcing adults need to focus on custody issues carefully. After getting the information you need from an experienced Massachusetts divorce lawyer, you will be better able to help your children understand what will happen, and why. Discussing arrangements with those children who are old enough to understand, and comforting younger ones, is very important to the emotional health of everyone involved in the divorce.

The Massachusetts Family Court, similar to its counterpart in Rhode Island, makes every effort to ensure that divorcing parents focus just as much on their children’s needs and desires as their own. For example, divorcing parents, as a condition of getting a Massachusetts divorce, must attend a mandatory seminar related to the impact of a divorce on minor children.

Joint custody is the default child custody arrangement in Massachusetts. However, in some instances, especially those involving alcohol, violence or substance abuse, these arrangements will be modified to suit the health and welfare of the children. For the most part, the Massachusetts Family Court wants parents to make every effort to get along amicably in sharing the responsibilities of raising their children, including medical decisions, school participation and religious influences.

The custody and visitation laws in Massachusetts can be complex and intimidating. If you are getting a divorce, and have small children or are currently disputing custody rights or child support issues, you should consult a Massachusetts child custody lawyer for advice and representation in your divorce proceeding.

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