Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines

The guidelines for calculating support in Rhode Island have remained unchanged since 2007. According to the Rhode Island guidelines, $50 is the absolute minimum a non-custodial parent can pay per month for the support of their children. This figure is based on a poverty level income of $938 gross income per month.

The formula for determining child support encompasses the income of both parents as though they remain in the same household caring for a child. Additional expenses – such as uninsured medical bills, daycare, private schooling, extracurricular lessons or activities, summer camp, and college – will be generally shared between divorcing parents.

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Medical Coverage

Rhode Island law requires the parent with existing medical coverage to continue providing medical coverage for the benefit of the minor children, as well as the ex-spouse, until he or she remarries. The providing parent is responsible for his or her minor children’s medical care until a child reaches legal maturity at 18 years old.

The sharing of co-payments and monthly insurance premiums can be determined based on income and medical expenses. A qualified and knowledgeable Rhode Island divorce lawyer can guide you through this process, and help you reach the best possible settlement agreement.

Tax Implications

The custodial parent will have the benefit of claiming the children as a deduction for the purpose of income taxes. If the parties have agreed to allow the non-custodial parent to take the child as a dependent deduction, the child support obligation will be modified to reflect the benefits of lower income taxes.

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